You can *kinda* see through this wine… it’s not completely pitch-black, but pretty close. Black ruby with a minuscule pink rim. Big heady perfume, rich and dark. The concentration on this thing doesn’t mess around, coming at you full-bore with fat juicy dripping black cherry and generous oak. Sweet and nutty in the nose, it reeks of decadence. Lots of air brings out a milk-chocolate note not *quite* earthy enough to call cola.

Funny how PV can be. I had one last week that was fairly structured. I’ve had them so oblique they are hard to drink–impossible young. I had a glass of one the other day made by a huge winemaker definitely aimed at the 99, with disgustingly sweet fruit and a fuzzy blanket of toasty oak covering everything. I’m hoping this one isn’t *designed* like that, but it smells good enough to come close.

In the mouth, yes, happily: NOT as sweet and soft as the one I mentioned, but definitely jam-packed with lush RIPE berry. Clean and nice, extremely rich, not much acid, just a tannic pang underlying everything. Beautiful finish, smoky and layered nicely between the fruit and structure. I expected a little heat, but now am feeling like this might not be as ripe as I suspected. I’m guessing this thing is WELL under 15-oh. Clean, chalky-bitter and nice for ever and ever.

Brand new winery, been growing grapes for a while and decided to bite off on their own label. Nice folks too. This is a well-made wine, top-to-bottom, and it should be his most popular.

2016 CIRCLE B VINEYARD & CELLARS Petit Verdot Shale Oak Vyd Paso Robles California 13.7