Do Me

Dark ruby with the slightest garnet edge. Big plummy nose, a fat bish, crammed with banana peel and heady briar, so so ripe, tip-toeing against flabby, crazy marzipan and the blackest of cherry while still showing an incredible spicy angst. Raw cut grass and a Caltrans median of weed, nasal-cloggingly concentrated–an almost Syrah-like warm-weather peat and dustiness.

In the mouth, all your hopes and dreams come true in this one tonight. Cool and calmly acidified, the crammed-packed blackberry and cassis flip off all your funky Pinot dreams, instead cascading Luxardo and ridiculous tannin into the middle-ground, actually thinning slightly late-middle instead of growing, abolishing your predictions of obesity and bringing a tight, cellar-floor version of luxurious fruit into sight–and balance.

An absolute INFANT–and criminal to be drinking at this juncture–constantly reminding of Syrah and NOT pinot, abrasive structure pounds on and on in the finish, erasing all fruit in a purple-glow memory.

2015 DUMOL Estate Russian River Valley Sonoma 13.8