Spanish Lore

Been dying to dig into this one because you know how I love my Spanish Springs. Nice rosy pink glow with a wide clear edge. Nutty and concentrated on the nose, smooth maple syrup sugar, marzipan, almondine glaze and a dusky earthy back-filling solidifying it as pinot. Warm and caramel-coated, rich briar drives the Pepsi-dirt, celery salt and romaine steer the vegetal, and ripe cherry fills the core.

In the mouth, I’m pretty sure this is the ripest and roundest Spanish Springs I have had. For a cool-climate vineyard, it brings the plush cush to the party. Gorgeous pinot spice and zest, beautiful depth, a little bit of alcohol, and a long asphalt road–dirt on both sides, blowing–but everywhere an elaborate, luxurious concentration and body. Green-briar fills the late-middle, and again alcohol raises its head, but that pinot finish of mellow tannins and ethereal spice goes on and on.

Got Spanish Springs?

2018 LORING WINE CO. Pinot Noir Spanish Springs Arroyo Grande Valley San Luis Obispo Co. California 14.3

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