At all Cost

Captain of the Brettmobile here, blazin this baby-baby thang headed into 10 years old. God this stuff is gorgeous. Coffee and fruit extract and sagebrush-stropped leather, black cherry for ever until tannic execution. Euro funk on 11, structure barely settling down, a near-perfect wine.

Coteaux Aix en Provence rouge doesn’t exactly grow on trees in the US but I got used to drinking these ridiculous wines in the south of France where they–along with red versions of Côte de Provence–are on every list and are stunningly good. They are not cheap and rough like Languedoc or Corbieres. Typically cab-heavy, usually vague about the other members of the blend, it can run anywhere from Grenache and Syrah to Carignane. Crazily fruited, mind-bogglingly structured, when you see them, you BUY them.

2011 CHATEAU LA COSTE ‘Les Pentes Douces’ Cab/SY 55/45 14.0

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