Ra moan

Easily the most horrific thing I have ever smelled in my life. Rotten vegetables with an overwhelming inner-tube air obnoxioty. A slight tinge of citrus creeps in on the pamplemousse version, but never surfaces in the lemon-flavored variety. Boiled eggs and steamed hot dogs, absolutely mind-shuddering to smell, I am left in wonder HOW this is considered a “wine-based” drink.

Remember, this is the organic, somm-inspired true work of art FAR pre-dating the current White Claw et al. over-run of spritzers saturating the market and claiming all the headlines. The Grapefruit only slightly edges out the Lemon in terms of pure disgustingness, owing that blessing to the sharp pink edge of life the latter never reflects. How anyone can get this past their nose is beyond me. But we must taste it.

It tastes far better than it smells–a logistical feat I am assuming the producers intended when presenting in a can–a carrier mechanism where olfactory nuances are rendered negligible. Something you can be grateful of in this case. Syrupy-sweet and lacking any acid–something I find difficult to fathom in a citrus-based product–the multi-vitamin raunchiness on the palate makes Sprite seem positively complex in comparison. And still, the Band-Aid and burnt-rubber lethargy from the nose miraculously shines through, triggering the same gag-reflex of the nose.

NV RAMONA Grapefruit/Lemon Spritz, Table wine with natural flavors, Italy 7.0


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