Dense ruby, not a speck of brick. Gorgeous nose, barely any tertiary, all roiled briar, thick weedy syrup, lecithin and lanolin, a Schumacher acrylic volatility to it headed maybe ever-so-slightly toward oxidation, and dedinitely some polished VA.

Mouthfeel sharp and acidic, fruit still all pie-cherry tart; or maybe it is tart now as has thinned. No, there’s massive lushness to it down below, thick, beautiful blackberry and plum.

This thing’s hittin all the high notes right now. Feeling shrill and honestly, I’m not sure what direction it will go. There’s tons of fruit, gobs of acid, a little thin in the finish, but sheesh: it’s TEN. And low alcohol. I have enough of these left to wait it out and see. You should find some too.

2009 MT. TEHAMA WINERY Petite Sirah Manton Valley AVA Cascade Foothills California 13.2

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