Eat A Peach

Big brick, as one would assume, but shockingly vibrant in the nose for a wine of this caliber at this age. Don’t get me wrong, it’s flabby and banana and fruit headed far towards prune and ripe fig, but I honestly expected a complete wasteland of fruit from a wine of this price-point, from this label, at this age. A little briar, a little sage and honey, and a lot of flabby post-coital dreariness, nutty and sweaty, an over-powering burnt flab showing Paso’s true Zinfandel colors–something that is hid in youthfullness by sweet over-wraughtness and sheer alcohol, but comes back to bite you in the ASS with a few years of age.

Dull asphalt and burnt rubber on the palate. Spicy to a certain extent–but something I will probably chalk up to alcohol rather than finesse. Old book and soggy, pruny rocking-chair, fruit a sullied affair, the alcohol burn now NOT invigorating, now dragging what little is left down into nothingness. Broken, shredded, tired tree, a buttery acid in cohorts with the burn, this cheap darling was not designed for this age and I’m actually fairly surprised it held on this well.

2008 PEACHY CANYON Zinfandel ‘Incredible Red’ Paso Robles 13.9

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