Probable Caws

So here’s what you do: you want top quality wines for a fraction of the price of Napa Valley and even Sonoma? Head over the hill to Lake County. Lofty plans to make this the next wine DESTINATION kinda fizzled–thanks in large part to this area being plagued with fires the past few years–but that’s GOOD for savvy consumers looking for bang-for-the-buck. Remember Beckstoffer’s plan? Kinda forgot about that one, huh? Assuredly as Clear Lake isn’t clear, Lake County has been crankin out ridiculous wines for decades completely under the radar.

This is no exception. This is a personal line from the Cartlidge & Brown négociants who are no strangers to making great wine for welcoming prices. Clean and beautiful in the mouth and nose, crazy nectar and sludge, a briar and soil casting soul in every direction. Bright and beautiful, fruit just GORGEOUS–a stemmy cherry evolving to straight-up acid and thin clarity late-middle. The perfect blend of dank and jubilant, A wine to drink every day, and the chops to lay down for a few.

The amount of nuance and value crammed into this $24 bottle of cab can not be over-stated. Buy a case and drink one a year. Ya, good luck with that.

2016 DANCING CROW VIINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon Lake Co California 14.3

2 thoughts on “Probable Caws

  1. With your fascination with crows I remember sending you a pic of this a couple of years ago from K&L in Redwood City. It is ridiculously good for the price. It was always like a treasure hunt talking with the employees there at K&L as to where the good values were and you learned which ones to trust that had a similar taste as ours.


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