Medicine Quinn

Nascent green butter, a stemmy factor rising up through clouds of misty oak and butter, smokey to a certain extent, but gobs of glorius Chardonnay nectar granting ripe apple, lemon and warm wood indifference to the shrill nay-sayers of A.B.C. Round and nice on the palate, bitter peach-pit depth only slightly unnerving the decadent fruit. Sharp and bright, a wholesomeness overall rich and without fault, I’m loving this with my favorite pairing of full-fruited chard and popcorn.

An absolutely beautiful inexpensive Chardonnay from one of California’s epic priducers, who just happens to be doing FREE SHIPPING at … This is the lower-priced bottlings from Loring, well sourced and made with all the consideration that goes into regular Loring bottles. Here’s the deal with me–and if you have hung with me and know my tastes–I quite often prefer the cheaper bottlings from California, as they receive less massaging than the ‘Reserve’ or more expensive labels. This happens with shocking regularity with Pinot and Chard. This is no exception.

2018 LORING WINE CO ‘River Quinn’ Chardonnay Santa Barbara Co 14.3

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