Hands On

Glorious purple with a wide pink edge. Weedy fruit, all funk and rock, the bright barnyard melded perfectly into green strawberry, roasted tomatillo and zesty floral.

I don’t have to sell you on this wine. Everyone knows how beautiful this organic darling expresses ALL the craziness of CF in an inexpensive package designed to geekily woo the snobs and still have so much yumminess crammed into it as to not dissuade the 99. Sure, it’s a little granola, probably doesn’t shave, wears brightly-colored and shapeless clothes showing skin freckled with sunshine and never has a negative suggestion. But we’re OK with that. Well, HERE we are.

Warm raw fruit douses the tongue in a definite spritzy cider-like tang. All that raw beef of the nose translates straight onto the palate in rich dank fruit with a proper tomato-vine trailer. Apple and onion, wet bark and dried cranberry, the sizzling middle executes the fruity entry unapologetically, introducing the remarkably organic finish that is mostly 9th-grade mustache.

2017 Domaine les Grands Vignes FAMILLE VAILLANT ‘Cabernet Breton’ Cabernet Franc Vin de France Anjou Loire 12.5


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