Fields of Gold

Just stupidly aromatic. Apricot and pear-sauce and gooseberry and the kind of grassy piquantness that shocks the system and the kind of smoky verve that waters the eyes. Radically saline, sweat and sharp fat, monumentally mineralific, the kind of sizzling texture flowing off this thing at cellar-temperature makes your white-wine fantasies absolute REALITY.

As I am sure most of you are aware, this is the blanc version of Donald Patz & Francois Villard’s Mendocino joint-effort–sourced from the famed Alder Springs Vineyard in Mendocino County. None of these things need an introduction to wine people.

Racy and complex in the mouth, I think 55° is about the perfect temperature to savor this thick, acidic beauty. All the stone-fruit makes an icy entrance, gilded by lavish acid, black walnut and Buddha’s hand puddle on roux begging for the creamy addition. And the fatty swirl is there, carrying rich, ripe fruit in straining burlap sacks in a train of sweaty mules. The fruit actually accelerates in the finish, presenting a pie-tart envelope to an exuberant acerbic party. And the Cadillac candy gold drizzles down the back of your throat.

And everyone applauds. You will too.

2018 TERMINIM ‘Cepages d’ Or’ Marsanne/Roussanne/Viognier/Picpoul Blanc 54/22/12/12 Alder Springs VYD Mendocino Co. California 13.5 Sophienwald glass

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