Muskrat Love

Beautiful clean bright nose. Not cloying in the least, if anything, a dirty dank almost-barnyard grip on expectant round tropical. Green nuances rise out, meaty vegetal and off in the distance the steady drum-beat of kiwi and lilikoi and clean laundry fresh from the dryer–NO DRYER SHEETS.

See, you see “Moscato” on a label and immediately your brain goes somewhere. I tasted this a couple years ago and was blown away. My first wife wasn’t much of a wine-person when I met her and I started her on Mondavi’s Moscato de Alexandria–remember in the tall green hock bottle? Do they still make that? Horribly sweet–probably 20 or 30 g/l, but it turned her into a wine person who graduated on to much greater things. I roll my eyes when I see this word on a label, but in classic Cardella fashion, it is done with restraint and finesse.

In the mouth, a brace of sweet richness hits you hard. I’m guessing this is probably 1.5-2.0 RS… definitely in an *off-dry* arena–not “bone-dry” by any stretch of the imagination. Pretty apricot and cherry cake washes the tongue, the clang of acid refreshing and moderating. Fruit so fresh and while delicate, also heady and the thud of sugar enriches it.

Love this wine so hard. Literally my favorite thing labelled “Moscato” I’ve ever had in my life. No indication on label what variety it is–I’m guessing they are probably just going for the *Muscat* vagueness. But it’s GOOD. Really good. And ridiculously inexpensive: just like EVERYTHING this label produces. Order 2 of everything–and get a couple of these against your better judgement. It will blow you away.

2018 CARDELLA WINERY ‘Moscato’ Muscat Hunter’s Vyd Mendota California 13.2

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