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Moving on down the coast today from Napa Valley to Livermore Valley to Paso Robles, and a BARGAIN from a new label. Beautiful nose, all jammy and layered with campfire smoke and sweet chocolate, the ripeness of the fruit a not-jammy presentation as much as it is a wall of black candied fruit just aching to get out of the glass. Dense berry and plenty of gorgeous oak make for something chocolaty and nougat-coated with the obliqueness of sweaty-savory popping through.

This is a long-time grape grower in Paso Robles who started making his own wines at home before finally going full-on with his own label. The results are a wide range of varieties all across the spectrum, a clean, nice label, and awesome low prices. All the wines I have tasted are well-made, solid, daily-drinker styles with no flaws and better than ANYTHING in the supermarket from this region. This Cab is no exception.

Tasting it brings a taut lemon zest to the forefront, sweeping some of that chunky chocolate and berry under the rug for consideration at a later date. More than anything, it balances the mouthfeel, pulling everything seamlessly together toward the structure in the finish with an abrasive scrawl, and steering the whole thing AWAY from something like a college girl on her third beer–despite the indications you might have gotten from the nose. I’m gonna guess 14-2, which puts it in a SERIOUS low-alcohol spectrum for Paso Robles.

Clean and bright well-nuanced–just overall: NICE, fun to drink and serious enough in the right places, these wines have impressed me with their purity of spirit and varietal honesty.

2015 CIRCLE B VINEYARD Cabernet Sauvignon Shale Oak Vyd Estrella Dist. Paso Robles 14.2

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