Fly Away Home

Dusty garnet. Taco sauce and inner-tube air play a little spicy-rich note headed apprehensively towards oxidation and prune. Soapy-clean and savory, the dried fruitcake filling carries a thick Zinfandel glaze, but this is not green-briar Mendo zin or tannic DCV zin or heady St. Helena zin or flabby baked foothills zin or acidic low-alc young guns, this is still, calm, fun-to-drink juicy-juicy Zin, chubby and sweet and 1000% pure Zinfandel, a bit old-fashioned and overflowing with California sunshine.

Tasting it spreads gobs of that yummy plummy nectar all over. Clean, simple fruit, never losing sight of–or even attempting to–all the things we like about Zinfandel. Lip-smacking decadent, the generous acid starts working right where the wood and asphalt leave off. Sharp and peppery in the finish, thinning down the caricature of the variety.

I could see Europeans or right-coasters rolling their eyes a bit at this one, but this is ZINFANDLE, baby, through and through. It’s not trying to be ANYTHING else.

2017 FERGUSON FAMILY WINERY ‘The Phoenix’ Zinfandel Paso Robles 14.5

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