I’m Lichen This

Medium ruby with nice dank, a wide clear edge and a bit of sediment. Emerald woodsy corn tortilla, dirty baby-diaper and a savory sea-water edged in taco sauce. A very interesting nose, something I have learned to expect from–at one point–ALL the Anderson Valley producers but now only the smaller pinot people, as many big names have moved in and distilled their Napa-esque potions of oak-ade and pancake syrup for the 99. This wine goes back more toward the olden days: not so much raw edgy briar–as used to be fairly place-mark–but a thin light clarity putting off delicate essences all over the spectrum. You can smell all that Mendocino angst down in there though, but it keeps it to a low-level, subdued under light berry and sharp sweaty pepper.

In the mouth, delightful strawberry and blueberry showcase what a refreshing bottle this is. Juicy and bright, some of the muddy root and pepper do not surface until past middle, where the sharp prod of heat lurks.

A very interesting wine–one full of juxtapositions. Fairly dark in the glass, but light and watery–somewhat the opposite of many pinots: where their lack of density in the glass is blown to bits by their power and concentration in the mouth. Lots of geeky little nuances to it, but nothing mind-boggling. Before you think that a serious detraction, remember it ALSO means nothing jutting out at weird angles. A very delicate wine through-and-through, a refreshing drinker, a summer-time chiller, not swinging for the fence, just doing everything easy and pretty. The heat in the finish bothers me a bit, but not gonna let it get me down.

2017 TYPICITÉ Pinot Noir Lichen Estate Anderson Valley 14.1


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