Bozo & Bubbles

Thursday night live #nofilter no cleavage no bikini no look-away no one-step no flowers no flatlay no portrait no tacos no pizza no panty-shot no fruitbasket no antique rose no lip-crop no smugmug no influencer NOTHING just two cheap well-made wines with the corks out being enjoyed the way Dog intended.

Little mop-the-floor red blend I picked up on ridiculous discount a few years ago at nearly 10 coming off all porty and fat with a lot of heat in the finish. Stewed black cherry, a considerable amount of tertiary, but nothing elegant. A fun drop, but drink’em if ya got’em.

Always surprised at the little sparkler from New Mexico. Ridiculously inexpensive (this was $34 on a SUPER-PRICEY resty list, so do the math on THAT). Dry and perfectly fruited, my only problem with this wine is how to say the name. I reflexively go French on it, even though all the umericans around me are pronouncing the *t*. CAN WE GET A CALL?

2010 BEAULIEU VINEYARD ‘Beaurouge’ cab/zin/SY/ME/PS/TN/Temp/Charbono Napa Valley 14.5
NV GRUET Brut Rosé 100% Pinot Noir New Mexico, USA 12.0

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