Crush It

This wine is so flippin gorgeous. Tomato fuzz and salted licorice and passive cherry that neither gets in the way or disappears. Clairvoyant and shocking on the palate, the tingly acid pulls all the fruit through in a singular triumph of flavor. Easily one of my favorite soft-shouldered representations of Cab Franc in California and probably one of the best. You NEED to have this wine in your life. From the bright simple fruit to the decadent layers it puts down FAR above its pay-grade, this is head & shoulders one of the best dollars you will spend on wine this year.

I’ve raved about this wine for three vintages now and it’s time you got on board. I know my following, and there is no possible way you follow me and not like this wine. There’s just no way. If you buy this wine and don’t like it I will personally refund your money. Just do it. YOU’RE WELCOME.

2019 DEUX PUNX Cabernet Franc Carneros Sonoma 12.9

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