The Peake

How many Pinots does Brian Loring make? A LOT. And I would never suggest I have had them all, but a fair number have crossed my desk in the past 20 years or so… I think this might be my favorite in a while. Dirty nose, still with a penchant for ripeness. Dark and brooding, it brings maraschino candy to meet funk and mustiness while wrapped in a tight band of mineral. Rusty steel and a touch of sulphite balance out the nose, creating a brisk bouquet against the dull thud of dark cherry syrup. Weeds and sarsaparilla align with grapefruit bite, and black concentration of fruit and oak explodes your berry and spice vocabulary.

In the mouth: clean and streamlined. Pomegranate and fierce grape are positively CANDY, but with an acidic edge–bitter and green. Tannins show themselves early-middle, not letting you get too comfortable with the plush berry. All your structural dreams prop up the fruit, with match-head and crushing acidity drying everything out to a peppery burn. Light ruby with wide clear edges, it is phenomenal how this little grape crams this much concentration into such light liquid. THAT is the beauty of Pinot. And why we all come back again and again.

2018 LORING WINE CO. Pinot Noir Peake Ranch Vineyard Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara Co. 14.3

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