Pay Unto Caesar

Doing my taxes with one of the *little* Qupés… but a single-vineyard… THIS ONE one of my favorite vineyards in SBC: Alisos. Really surprised at the amount of vegetal, bell pepper, and barnyard verve and funk there is in this wine. A straight up drrrrty lil bish like someone spat in your coffee but then you taste it and it’s all sweet beautiful warm fruit, spicy and zesty, nutty and gummy, a PB&J dazzling your otherwise grilled-cheese existence, tiny bit of terriary creepin in all sly an shit.

An amazing wine but hey: you want a pretzel stick? Perfect wine pairing I learned in somm-school on one of the days I wasn’t doing blow in the back of the bus with bordeauxblonde and rachelthewino. Try it–you’ll like it–THE PRETZELS DUMMY–but please don’t call me master. Where’s my fuckin dijon. Do I really have to pay taxes this year?!??

2011 QUPE Syrah Alisos Vineyard Santa Barbara Co. 13.3

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