An interesting time-capsule into mid-level specialty Edna Valley syrah. Would love to know where the fruit came from. Not sure Tolosa has estate SY, perhaps Edna Ranch, but maybe Hollister or something? Several people follow me *inside* so I am sure I will learn soon after posting. Great color: ruddy brick with a Fernet edge, and a core of deep ruby. Intense match-head nose–not particularly pleasant, and with air blows off a bit. Rick–but dull–carboardy fruit, salty and wilted-produce, not corked by any measure, but clearly past prime. With that said, it is NOT unpleasant, and the moldy-orange-skin and hot Pleather mingle with dense candied cherry and barnyard funk.

In the mouth, things improve considerably. It tastes WAY better than it smells. Crusty latex and fruit-fading acid vie for dominance, the topography across the palate ranges from sharp acidic to lovely tertiary worn leather and bee-pollen. Ash-tray in the rain and early-season rose-hips spark conversations with the fresh-asphalt fruit, with egg-white and chaparral rounding up a mid-feel increasingly fruit-void. There’s a dark berry squishiness to it, but it is fleeting before still-strong tannins bitter out the finish.

These cool labels have gone been discontinued for this entire line at Tolosa in favor of hipper, flashier branding. I have been saddened about this move, but I get it. They just aren’t cool for anything but the wine 1 percent, who relish the simple, straight-forward facts they present line-by-line. But they aren’t flashy enough or represent the *wine-country lifestyle* well on a shelf or to shallower club-members enough to be sustained. I ADORE them. But I’m weird. Everything must change.

2008 TOLOSA Syrah ‘1772 Series’ Edna Valley San Luis Obispo Co. 14.5

FIND THE NEW ITERATIONS OF 1772 HERE: www.tolosawinery.com

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