No Faill

Ripe, flush and full: THAT’S the first thing that greets you. And that’s the weird thing about Sonoma Coast. They’re always ripe. Other AVA’s get ripe for sure, but this isn’t SLH ripe or SRH ripe or RRV ripe. More like Carneros and Anderson Valley had a baby. Thin and beautiful, a little garnet lurking at the core but translucent pink at the edges. Ripe with a little soapy-scrubbed clean-ness, light forest ideas, dark thoughts creeping in, filling the imagination with fantasies of when you finally get to lick it.

Flat-out succulent in the mouth. The entry leaves you begging for more while completely satisfied. Decadent-sweet, rosy cherry swollen and tense, so perfectly balanced over the middle with its peppery spirit playing King Of The Mountain with the fruit that never for one second leans to flabby. Grimy, sea-swept foothills and forest hollows of creaking conifer, madrone and rhododendron FORM this wine right out to the slight tannic burn.

It is absolute perfection.

2017 FAILLA Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 13.8

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