Chateau VigYASSSS

This is a gorgeous wine. I know I am going to get accused of having a California palate here–I get that frequently, and I’m OK with it, because I know the truth–but it is is rare that I cram my nose into a young, inexpensive Bordeaux and the only word immediately coming to mind is “beautiful”. I’m not saying it left me speechless: I like BDX for what it is–and it rarely disappoints–but this wine rises above all that.

Extremely ripe and flush with dark berry and dense cherry. Gobs of cassis, nutmeg and a hint of mint climb out of the earthy under-pinnings. Just enough funk and restraint to NOT be accused of selling out to the Umerican sweet-tooth, but the black dark garnet just beginning to teeter on tertiary packs a wallop of decadence.

Tasting it brings back comforting reminders this is indeed BDX. NOT sweet. NOT oaky. NOT chocolate syrup or blackberry jam. Even-keeled and mellow, a solid, across-the-palate offering of goodness and dare-I-say: GREATNESS as the willful structure dries out all accusations of chubbiness and presents a top-notch line of acid and bitter beauty, crystalizing the fruit into all the proper pigeon-holes of typicity. Seeing the ABV on this will be the icing on the cake, because I REALLY don’t think this is an apple-bottom 13.5+ version.

I don’t know where I got this nor what I paid, but my inner circle and loyal readers will know sub-$40 BDX is one of my favorite subjects. Find some of this. Your pocket-book will thank you.

2011 CHATEAU VIGNOT St. Emilion Grand Cru Bordeaux France 13.0

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