Simple Champ

This is a pretty boring burg, all things considered. Deep garnet, a little simple cherry on the nose, clean and nice. No funk, no compelling earthiness, no spit and fire… nothing really to write your mum about. This could be any of 300 different Carneros or Edna Valley pinots, or a plethora of sub-$30 dingers from anywhere in California. And I’m drinking it by itself–which tends to bring out the individual idiosyncrasies of a bottle–in a line-up of other like wines, even from this producer, I feel it would fare poorly in the shuffle.

“Simple” is the word again in the mouth. Simple and abrasive. And typically, I would hug an abrasive Pinot–these are the kind of things I LIKE–but here the plain, uninteresting berry gets lost behind the–literally–ONLY other component in the glass, and that is harsh, drying mouth-feel devoid of fruit. A little dark, kinda smoky cherry glances about falteringly, never really gaining foothold. Thin, watery, and mono-directional, it doesn’t enter well, slide over the middle well, or finish well. It’s not a bad tasting wine, I suppose its lack of balance could be considered a flaw, but it is really not *flawed*, just boring as all fuck.

2015 ALBERT BICHOT Domaine Adelie Mercurey Premier Cru Champs Martin Burgundy France 13.0

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