Happy Grass

What are you going to say about a wine like this? Obviously it’s kinda rare, and it’s old, and 99% of the world hasn’t even grasped that Santa Barbara makes Cabernet–hell, they haven’t even recognized Paso Robles makes cabernet, and Santa Barbara wine country is light years behind Paso in terms of marketing. Everyone thinks Santa Barbara is pinot country, and the fact Happy Canyon makes cabernets BLOWING AWAY anything Paso–or even Napa–makes is strange news. But this fruit gets $5000/ton–if you can get it–and the nuances it brings to the table are phenomenal.

Easily my first Santa Barbara winery I fell in love with and also one of my first urban winery experiences, I started buying Santa Barbara Winery early on in my Central Coast experience and never looked back. Well-made, inexpensive wines, a solid brand with Bruce McGuire making wine.

Gorgeous clear ruby delicately bricking but not significantly. Moderate sediment. Beautiful bouquet, all crushed velvet and musty woodsy glow, worn leather around bright cherry and plum preserves.

Sweet and delicious in the mouth, Luxardo and marzipan and cassis with walnut skin trying to unseat the vibrant, bright fruit. Dusky and definitely at prime, the dirty bitter showcases smooth tannins while allowing the ripe berry to still play its tune.

An absolutely stunning wine. I have a few more of these and they definitely need to be dranken before fruit slides behind all the earth and structure. Not sure Santa Barbara Winery even still makes a cab, but if they do, grab on it.

2006 SANTA BARBARA WINERY Cabernet Sauvignon Grassini VYD Happy Canyon Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 12.8


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