St. Boring

Showing a bit of oxidation alongside rich cherry and a bit of barnyard. Pretty boring through-and-through: dull nose lacking interest; an equally dull palate lacking interest. In the grand scheme of low-lying Valley old- and mid-school offerings–Fransiscan, Freemark Abbey, Charles Krug, Clos du Val, Mondavi unfiltered, etc. etc.–it fits right in: fairly rich and non-offending, a range of flavors and smells solidly placing it in the card-file of “Napa Valley Cab”, and no textures or nuances placing it anywhere in out-liers of superb examples. A bit of heat in the finish–something interesting considering its “low” ABV.

A fine-drinking wine, it’s not something you are going to instantly hate, but it is also not compelling on ANY LEVEL towards greatness–even at 10.

2010 ST. CLEMENT VINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.2

Wow, I knew the brand had been purchased and the TR closed, but I had no idea the brand was actually defunct. GONE. NOTHING. Goodbye. Who’s got these in their cellar? I have a bunch.

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