Well, it’s a good a place as any to start Thanksgiving, no?

Creamy and delicious, not a huge amount of bubbles, dusty velvet on the nose, wet newsprint and tarnished silver. Spicy and bright on the palate, gobs of citrus, lily, applesauce and green melon. Ridiculously acidic–almost tannic in the finish, achingly dry, but maintaining a full mouthfeel despite attempts to wipe the structure off your tongue. I typically FAR prefer California bubbles to Champagne, but this one is doing it for me splendidly.

NV LEGUILLETTE ROMELOT ‘Prelude’ Extra-Brut Meunier/PN/CH 64/3/33 lees:3yr DG:7/18 5.5g/l Champagne France 12.0

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