Breaker Breaker Oh Six

This was a little nightcap I pulled from the cellar and wasn’t going to write anything about it, but hey: that’s what I do and some of you might have some of these laying around or be faced with Cartlidge & Browne decisions in the future. Cartlidge & Browne–as most of you know–is a négociant here in California. There aren’t too many large negociants in America… Castle Rock, Cameron Hughes, who am I forgetting? and I’ve heard rumors Cartlidge & Browne have moved away from this model. At any rate, like most negociants, if you watch your labels carefully, there will often be bright points. This here is one of their forays into premium, single-vineyard Napa/Sonoma Cab.

Under Nomacorc with light sediment, dark garnet in the glass, a brownish tinge at the edge, but with a rather bright pink and clear rim. Dark, dense syrup greets the nose, fruitcake and maraschino, molasses with a bit of weedy mineral sharpening all the lusciousness.

More thick syrup in the mouth, everything you would expect flavor-wise from a teenage Sonoma at this PP. Brilliant dark cherry works hard to be flabby, but a shriek of acid absolutely prevents it. On one hand rich and full, gobs of anise, leather and dirty chocolate–on the other hand lean and focused on displaying decidedly still-relevant fruit and structure. Part of me wants to say the prime drinking was maybe a couple years ago, but the longer this thing opens up the more stamina it shows and I’m glad I have a couple more.

2006 C&B RESERVE Cabernet Sauvignon Totem Ridge Vyd. Knight’s Valley Sonoma 14.1

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