Get Hitched

EASILY one of the most delicious ways to spend 20 bucks at the supermarket. Rich dark dank black cherry, ridiculous dusty floral perfume, achingly tannic, and ages beautifully. I have these back to 2003… the vineyard changes… the closure changes… but the contents and the price never do. I call this my *6-pack wine* not because I buy it in 6-packs, but because when grocery’s have their 30-40% off sales I always need something to round off my 6-pack for the discount.

Yes, these folks are FAR more famous for their Pinots–which are quite good–but as I often say, find a top-tier pinot producer who makes a syrah and I GUARANTEE it will be phenomenal. Usually, (thinkin Dumol, Dehlinger, Big Basin, etc etc etc) it is way up in price with the pinots, but here, this thing’s, like, half the price of HP’s cheapest Pinot. I don’t know how they do it. I’ve poured syrahs double this price down the toilet. And this wine isn’t just *good*, it is literally a BENCHMARK for syrah. You’ll see.

2010 HITCHING POST ‘Big Circle’ Syrah SBC 14.7

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