What’s The Occasion?

I don’t know how Dusty makes these wines and sells them for what he does. Gotta be a total loss-leader… which is not a bad marketing plan for a brand new winery, I have to say! They are so inexpensive, and crammed full of all you want in a wine easily double the price.

This NO SPECIAL OCCASION WINE is no exception… Brilliant and bright in all the right places… opulent and rich in the spots you DEMAND chardonnay to be. Beautiful melon and peach fruit, a biting glance of gritty edge, perfect glimmer of oak. Unlike most cheap chards ya gotta drink at 30-below to stomach, this thing plies a straight and polished path at my normal 60°+ window for whites. Good job. WAIT FOR YOUR STICKER!

2019 NSO WINES by DUSTY NABOR Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara County 14.0


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