Hedge Hog

Of course I couldn’t resist picking up one of these. A favorite producer, EASILY the best packaging this side of the pond, and showing up at discount at over 75% off. But it is easy to see why this is on clearance. Fairly roily garnet, and not terribly dense, considerable brick at the rim.

It smells great. It smells FUCKING GREAT. Seriously. Heavy into the Shiraz area code, it is toasty and dark, writhing with briar and American oak and gobs of sultry fruit. There is a strong vegetal, but see: I am not horribly opposed to vegetal–even bell pepper–and the only hint at what is to come is possibly in this arena.

It tastes like absolute dog shit. Light and watery, completely devoid of fruit, pond-water from the dog-park being used to extinguish a Barbie-mobile fire, it is a chewable Vit. C of tired hate and steaming compost with no entry, no finish, no middle, no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Not even at this price.

2005 HEDGES FAMILY ESTATE Syrah ‘Limited’ Bel-Villa Vyd Red Mountain Washington 12.4


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