Drop the Chard

You’re never going to find another Chardonnay like this, I don’t care who ya are. And if you know of one: SPILL, because I want to find it too. Murky light canary, enough lees settling out to COMPLETELY freak out the 99, a grassy nose of bubble-gum and pine-pitch, wet newsprint and prickly pear, a tiny richness visible tattling on the variety, but otherwise a bright, clear drop.

In the mouth, delicate and soothing, tiny bits of blueberry and strawberry smoothing down the green-apple acidity. Almost spritzy-feeling, it is the lightest, brightest white you have had in a long time, charming and refreshing, the supple roundness of the middle bites a little in the corners, growing to Vit. C abrasion where you might think tannins would lurk. I can’t stress enough how important it is to drink this wine at a proper 55-60 degrees, below that the flavors wash out to numbing acidity, though above that there is far less danger of awkwardness–though it takes on considerably more *minimalist wine* tendencies.

These guys make some great wines, and if you haven’t discovered them you’re REALLY missing out on some eye-opening bottles.

2018 DEUX PUNX Chardonnay Testa Vyd Calistoga Napa Valley 12.0


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