A fun label of Zinfandel-heavy, crowd-friendly wine started in Paso Robles a few years back and moved to NorCal and gathering a *California* appellation in current bottlings. Purple-pink, it easily exudes all the jammy berry Zin is famous for. Chubby blackberry and plum carry heady milk chocolate, fresh-baked bread, caramel and a touch of barrel in a lush, forward presentation EVERYONE will love.

On the palate, dark, concentrated cherry and slight sweetness nearly obscure a decent seam of briar and sage: nice bitter structure filling the gaps and complimenting the fleshiness. Raspy and thick, the chunky fruit in the body the main event, but acid and tannin prescient enough to balance all in near-perfect fashion. Overall very nicely done and sure to be a winner on any table. A beautiful blend: the Zinfandel bringing the lion’s share of the mouthfeel, but the kitchen-sink portion VERY visible and important IMHO for keeping this thing focused and alive and not bogged down in the things Zinfandel can… well… frequently bog things down in. If I had a restaurant, this would be the BTG gold star and while the label would sell end-caps to those who buy for such things, the actual contents will keep them coming back. Nicely done, and a gorgeous way to spend 20 bucks.

2018 PAYDIRT Red Wine Zin/GR/PS/SY/MV/barb/cab 81/6/4/3/2/2/2 California 15.2

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