Crystal Clear

This one is a bit different from the 2016 last week. Light garnet ambering considerably to the edge like a Pinot or some Grenache. Bubble-gum fruity on the nose, there’s a little dirty rubber, gear-lube and wet-leaf backing up the sweet-smelling plump cherry cola and grassy tropical. These wines remind me of most of my Arizona-wine-experiences of late: Light color rarely ruby, almost-candied fruitiness, light body and low acid.

I’m not going to wax poetic on this wine. It’s just not that complex. Not Bandol–by any means–but I am also not suggesting all bottles of this variety have to be compared to that control. It’s a sunny, thin wine, easy to drink and readily-approachable, even-keeled across the palate and ready-to-drink. The mouthfeel is pleasant, a bit chubby-feeling, despite its lack of concentration and gravitas. A certain huskiness scratches the throat late-middle, greatly adding to my score, and definitely pulling it far away from any final impressions of it being light, fruity plonk. There’s really no tannin, and although it does feel quite dry, the cheery overcoat this wine wears–combined with an un-intimidating body–will make it a crowd-pleasing glass: and a nice introduction to the variety.

2017 CRYSTAL BASIN CELLARS Mourvedre El Dorado Sierra Foothills California 14.1

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