Tree of Life

Ridiculously light transparent garnet. Weedy, smoky roasted cherry blasts out of the nose, warm and edgy at the same time, strawberry Charleston Chew and creamy nougat, with an intense little minty eucalyptus. The fruit is concentrated and dark-smelling, completely belying the thinness in the glass–as good Grenache and Pinot often does.

In a swell little marketing ploy, this guy makes two Grenaches from Paso–vineyards not far from each other–but one thick and dark, the other elegant and clear. The *robust* one a bit higher in alcohol, harder to see through and far more standard of most Paso Robles’ offerings; the *thinking man’s* version more of a geeky Santa Barbara County style. Guess which one’s sold out at the tasting room?

Rather candied in the mouth, a *perception of sweetness* from the juicy fruit that doesn’t waste time plying every corner of your palate. The finish is also a rich somewhat candied affair–ripe cherry and orange going on for ever and ever against the mellow tannin. In the middle, though: plenty of acid runs along briar, tobacco and mountain mineral parameters, the fruit spicing up and drying out. A refreshing, easy-drinking wine, crowd-friendly and geeky at the same time.

2019 ABSOLUTION CELLARS Grenache Colburn Vyd Adelaida District Paso Robles 14.7

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