Where is fancy Bred?

Dark golden almost orange of a seriously aged Champagne. Lots of bubbles. Nose of burnt plastic and the Home Depot fertilizer aisle. At lower temperatures where the designed demographic will be drinking this, it all goes flat with literally NOTHING in the nose. At proper temps, it is cloying and bland. There’s just no there there. Who puts (probably) 10k cases of this in bottle for top-shelf placement at Whole Foods speaks loudly to the ridiculously fucked up taste-buds of the 99%.

On the palate, more nothingness. I’m going with 20 g/l and really nothing to say about the mouthfeel except sprite. A little wet cardboard, a little tonic water. The last thing I tasted like this was Kirkland. A perfect mimosa wine, there’s really nothing to write about. No fruit, no toasted almond, no citrus. Just sharp carbonation and sweetness. Quite possibly the world’s most boring, bland, uninteresting methode sparkler ever. Flat last glass-dregs show Rombauer over-richness. Please make this wine go away.

NV MEOMI North Coast Sparkling Wine California 12.0


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