Borrow a Cup?

Wasn’t really expecting the deep golden on pour, but tasting it reflects the richness and saturation of flavor. A bit grassy on the nose, with small amounts of petrol, some smokiness, egg-carton, buttery honey and chamomile. Fruit is a candied sort of melon, rosy and dense, no effusive bright crunchy stuff.

Tasting it at 65°, it is more honey and thick sugary fruit, a mild streak of acid tinges the edges and it all feels dessert-y and aged; taking it down into the low 50’s dulls the sweetness and brings a slight sensation of spritz forward. This is something you definitely want to drink out of an ice-bucket for most pairing, although rich cheeses will welcome the warmer sensations. Charming and delicious, a bitter depth enriches the finish, after a spicy center with a few olive-oil and herbs de Provence savory tones. At 8.5, I’m guessing near-3% RS and it definitely shows throughout. It’s also 6 years old, but like all good Riesling, it makes no apologies for its sugar–carrying it proudly and with great balance.

2014 HAVEMEYER Piersporter Michelsberg Qualitatswein Riesling/Müller-Thurgau Mosel Germany 8.5

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