Someone Made This

Glowingly ruby–something I don’t typically expect from Pinot, especially at 5. Beautiful nose: ALL Pinot. The stemmy grind rubbing match-head and saline fire into bright cherry wounds, clean and distinct, dirty baby diaper and garden hose adding deft Burgundian spirit but not getting bogged down in heavy dank barnyard. Cinnamon, anise and sage top the fruit, creating dustiness and depth to the perfect plum and firm raspberry. The whole thing just smells SOOO magically *pinot*, young and vibrant with YEARS to go.

A quite concentrated mouthfeel awaits, as the color predicted. Wet brick line the sides, funneling copious black cherry down through pomegranate seeds and tomato-fuzz bitter-vegetal nary a step out-of-place: ridiculously balanced and round despite the distinct–and almost glaringly–character. This wine is homage to 1% pinot in smell, texture and flavor, unforgiving and deliciously raspy, the only apologies to The California Palate being a round ripeness in the top-feel. But under that, acid pricks at almost-spritzy levels, sharpening a black depth and ushering in gunpowder tannins still so garish the date on the label is hard to believe. They blend delicately with soapy floral and fine cedar dust while the pile of rich fruit blunders on deep into the dry finish.

An absolute tour de force in Pinot Noir from this little-known label. So unbelievably yummy–while PACKED with all the things the purists demand–and as I have mentioned at least once, the color and taste DEFY its age and point clearly to a wine with another 10 to 20 years on it. This vintage is not on the website, but they are selling it at the TR, so dutiful snooping by those motivated will reward.

2015 BLACK SHEEP FINDS ‘Amy & Peter Made This’ Pinot noir Radian VYD Santa Rita Hills Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 13.4

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