Not Petty

Nothing captures PURE Chardonnay fruit better than these wines. I just adore Petit Chablis… so fresh, so light, so charming and subtly beautiful. Grassy and tight, no grandiose delusions of wine manipulated into things it shouldn’t be, no rich cloyingness, just lovely flowery apple, herby fruit.

And once in a while I pull one of these out with a half-decade or so on them and am like, Oh damn… probably shoulda dranken this thing long ago, but am never disappointed. This thing is so ridiculously fresh and inspiring–a pure JOLT of effervescence and delicate spirit. Don’t see a lot of Petit Chablis on the shelf in California, but man, there SHOULD be. NEVER pass up an opportunity to grab. And it’s never expensive.

2015 LA CHABLISIENNE Petit Chablis Chablis Bourgogne France 12.5

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