Familiar Dance

Young winemaker with deep roots in both Napa/Sonoma and the Central Coast, sourcing from some stellar vineyard sites and making everything is Calistoga. I get the opportunity to taste these wines regularly, and they always impress.

The Chardonnay is a pale-clear, impressive legs and a full, rich nose of buttery fruit, sage and thyme. Slight sulfur and intense grassy/brown leaf texture. The concentration of PURE Chardonnay is unmistakable, and the tropical fulfillment or bouquet stuns at every temperature. Oak is a beautiful complement to everything glowing rosy golden off this thing. Tasting it brings all your Chard-dreams to fruition. A glorious, round, rich example of the variety, packed with spicy fruit and tinged in acid. Sweet and voluptuous–jammed with melon, marzipan and almond–it will pluck at the heart-strings of any California Chardonnay lover.

The Grenache is deep ruby, with just the slightest hint of classic garnet at the edge. Clear and medium-density for the variety, the nose is full: ripe cherry and brambly berry with a hint of eucalyptus laid down in spicy oak fashion. Mouthfeel attacks hard with serious concentration, a rich, robust version but staying true to the grape’s ability to show chunky berry on a glycerin-y base. Sharp acid punches the middle, driving and drying the pomegranate and figgy stuffing along a black streak anchoring the core. Tannin is soft and beautiful, caressing the tongue far into the finish.

2018 CHIRON ‘Nectar Dance’ Chardonnay Chuy’s Vineyard Moon Mt. Sonoma 13.6

2017 CHIRON ‘Unfamiliar Truth’ Grenache Slide Hill Vineyard Edna Valley San Luis Obispo 14.6


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