The Metrick System

You always know when you get a Metrick in your hands, you’re in for something off-mainstream, delicious–but maybe edgily so–and ESPECIALLY when it happens to be Cab Franc: guaranteed to be a crisp, nuanced Loire-style wonder. This kid makes amazing wines–tiny production and quite under-the-radar. I reviewed this wine last year, and was equally blown away. Crazy purple-ruby in the glass, out to a blue rim. Godly amounts of tomato-vine and dank vegetal cling tightly to ridiculous ripe cherry, melon and juicy peach. A certain squished-bug piquantness grants vibrancy to the achy, stony minerality.

In the mouth, riper and more refined than the 18–IMHO. There’s a calmness to the integration of acid and fruit seamless in approach and invigorating in resolution. Perhaps a tad less edgily Chinon-esque in terms of what we typically see interpreted in California, but drinking like the masters of the region: like Baudry or Raffault. The last whiff of barnyard you get as the wine enters translates directly onto the round briar and spice of the palate. Thin and un-viscous over the middle, a wide spritely rinse of tart cherry–quickly settling down to more brambly depth and berry-concentration. Tannins are a heavenly affair: chalky and distinct, tainted with peach-pit and mustard greens. It is near-perfection, and your last thought is: HOW DO I GET MORE OF THIS WINE. And there-in lies the rub: there’s only THREE barrels–and it’s CHEAP–so… ummmm… I don’t need to tell you what to do….

2019 METRICK WINES Cabernet Franc Rock Hollow Vyd Los Olivos District Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 13.0

And if you’ve read this far and are questioning how smart this guy is, CLICK HERE.

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