Gotta Catch Them All

Nearly an identical study on the two PROPER rosé varieties, this pair has scant differences in color, exact ABV’s, and tasting profiles requiring careful concentration to discern–and I am 1 for 3 at getting them right so far. I keep picking one up and going, “This has to be the Grenache.” and it’s always the opposite. The Grenache is a hair pinker: an injection of rosy glow barely different from the Mourvedre’s SOLID onion-skin amber. The Bandol-ish is green and astringent in the nose: a rasp of woody briar and vegetal mingling with an almost carameled dark fruit. The nod to Provence is all cheery peach and berry–an interesting dollop of root-beer and licorice climbing in for character.

On the palate, the Los Olivos feels rounder and warmer, while the Ballard Canyon feels more alcoholic. Both gloriously dry, near-perfect examples for lovers–like I–of this style of wine. The Mourvedre packing apricot and grass into its citrus-sweetened package, the Grenache feeling more high-note berry with that match-head ache of minerality.

Pick a favorite? Ya gotta be kidding me, right? Life’s too short to even spend THIS amount of time dissecting Rosé. There’s only two kinds of rosé on the planet: good rosé and bad rosé, and this easily comes down on the positive side. EASILY. This is awesome stuff, rosé I would be very proud of, and represents a couple of the finest interpretations in California I have tasted. The Mourvedre unforgiving and abstract; The Grenache stroking and resplendent.

2020 STARS & DUST Rosé of Grenache Terra Alta Vyd Ballard Canyon SYV 11.8
2020 STARS & DUST Rosé of Mourvedre Kaerskov Vyd Los Olivos District SYV 11.8

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