Pétillant Child

Ridiculously rich and creamy, as apparent from the dark amber in the glass. A bit of a cidery funk spills out, clean apple and honeydew melon creating a full concentrated-fruit nose with a petrichor base-line anchoring.

Tasting it is an invigorating experience in sparkling richness. This is not a thin, watery spritz of pet-nat nature, but a wholesome mouthful of gorgeous, delicious white wine which just happens to have the added nuance of carbonation. Rich and creamy–again–gobs of thick fruit are lightened and brightened by the tingle of bubbles. But don’t get too comfortable with this almost-Chardonnay-ish example of buttery brilliance, as the grate of acid and citrus minerality tip-toeing on *tannic* rises from the finish–where again, the chub of cider reminds you it’s fermented.

Beautiful stuff, as one has learned to expect from this Grenache producer.

2020 THE GRENACHISTA Pétillant Natural Grenache Blanc Dry Creek Valley Sonoma 12.5


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