Dundee Window

Still-bright medium ruby with nary a hint of obligatory garnet on it. Dirty elixir of liqueur in the nose, flush with polished nuances of tertiary, the deep cherry ripe and bruised, the dirt mixed well with cut grass and horse-stall. But it’s clean. It is not a particularly barnyard-y version of Pinot, but is also not a Syrah-ish infusion of black fruit and concentration–as is so popular with so-called *pinot-geeks* these days. Possibly showing a bit of chubby oxidation: a fuzzy blood-orange and apartment-carpet adds both interest and concern to the mix.

Ryan makes some crazy-good wines, and I should note this is the first in my roster available for purchase via digital currency. What is that, 1/10th of 1% of a bitcoin for a bottle?

Beautiful wine to drink: thick and fleshy, ripe and concentrated, while still managing a generous infusion of acid. Raspberry and Meyer lemon join nicely, creating a thick–but sharp–mouthfeel and zing. Copious black pepper and tart, mineral pamplemousse create an eviscerating tongue-coating while a bit of creamy oak–hinted at in the nose–peeks through to salve all wounds. Probably one of THE most California-esque Pinots from Oregon I have had, it manages delicious fruit with gobs of ire, a slim helping of Burgundian retch, enough funk to guarantee it *pinot*, and–for the extra point– PLENTY of tannin. The finish is a tad heated, but the over-all aspect is PURE WIN.

I think he’s mostly selling off old stock presently, so find some if you can. The website is the only place.

2016 HUETT CELLARS Pinot Noir Folie Hill Vyd Dundee Hills Yamhill Co. Willamette Valley Oregon 13.5


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