St. Joseph Protect Us

The most beautiful rendition of Syrah in the world IS St. Joseph. That’s my opinion, of course, but my opinions on wine are pretty fuckin awesome. Girl, you know it’s true. Dirty-baby-diaper and peaty funk charging out of this one, settling down to peeling aged varnish on worn hardwood, saddle-sweat and stiff bristles on curry-comb with the bruised beauty of classic cherry on a mineralific base. All you wine-bros and 99%ers out there go “Ewww” in unison and I’m fine with that: you keep your allocated rocket-fuel, jam & vodka swill and beat your chest with ego, clasping your precious Vivino gush-fests and Dunnick scores tight in chubby fists.

A tirade of smooth delirium releases itself on your tongue. Vitamin C and the kind of delicate abrasion honed from back-breaking stones and sunny slopes coat the kind of berry and stone-fruit only found at farm-stands. Thin to perfection, watery, crisp concentration allows the bitter fruit to soak in at its leisure without the handicap of 95-point maceration or tourist-wooing alcohol. It is a bit *old-country*, defying the whims of “clean, fruit-focused wines”, winning the war by carefully picking its battles. Supple and elegant in finish, the fruit bowing gracefully to a tannic ruler while making the entire surrounding community luscious. It’s a drrrrrty lil thang but you’ll love it. Except you. And you. And all of you over there. You’ll hate it.

2012 DOMAINE BLACIEUX St. Joseph AOP France 12.5

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