Wine and Fire Tasting

A few bottles I found interesting at Saturday’s WINE & FIRE @tasteofstaritahills Grand Tasting at La Purisima Mission in Lompoc…

First of all, I’ve said some good and quite a bit of bad about JONATA and HILT over the years, and almost skipped because of that, but I have an open mind and their Chardonnay is just absolutely BANGIN! Easily one of the most austere versions being poured at the event, dry and acidic, not a speck of flab or oak, a total winner.

The BARDEN WINES Fonte I fell in love with at last year’s Pioneers of Santa Barbara tasting and raved about it to the crowd but it was all poured out and nobody got to taste it. Typically I’m a little meh on kitchen sink blends but God what a fabulous wine. Sharp and spicy and full of flavor.

Barden’s pinot and syrah needs no introduction to loyal readers.

The SAMSARA‘s felt a little fruity and flaccid for me today.

DRAGONETTE CELLARS Radian Pinot a thick, chewy monster as usual.

PALI WINE COMPANY has a new naturaler label and the Chard #petnat a real charmer!

Huge fan of SANTA BARBARA WINERY and their higher-end LAFOND bottles… The #riesling bone-dry and fitting the teutonic platform nicely, the SY/GR blend nicely done, maybe a touch of lovely brett and lots of oak.

SPEAR VINEYARDS representing well, probably some of the nicest, greenest wines from SBC–very Sonoma Coast-ish.

HITCHING POST brought their usual generous mix of old and new. If you like them, well there’s no dissuading you, is there?

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