I’ll be the first to admit: I’m not the world’s biggest Malbec fan. I know that’s a total 99% admission, as they are FAMOUS for things like “I don’t like Pinot” and “Chardonnay is dumb” and “I only drink Cabernet.” I’ve had a few memorable Malbecs–mostly from Cahors–with the occasional South American and California that turns my head. This wine is not straight Malbec–it’s a Bec-heavy Bordeaux blend–and it is just a STUNNING bottle. Black-ruby in the glass with considerable sediment, a perfume to DIE for rising out of it. The effects of oak are apparent, but not overwhelming. Perfect black cherry and dense berry, ripe peach and strawberry-rhubarb blend into the nose of dark delirium balanced beyond words.

No indication of blend on the label, but NONE of the chubby, funky *weirdness* often found in Argentinian Malbecs–or from anywhere else. Gritty and concentrated, but a purity of spirit elevating the mix to ethereal levels. Polishing well but with YEARS to go, I’m happy I have another stashed away. Perfectly bright, sharp on the tongue, it feels almost like Alexander Valley in the transfer of structure into such a smooth wine. These people are doing it RIGHT. Unbelievably gorgeous stuff.

2012 ACHAVAL-FERRER ‘Quimera’ Red Wine Bec/CF/ME/Cab/PV 50/24/16/8/2 I.P. Mendoza Argentina 14.5


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