Mount Up!

Clear light ruby with characteristic amber rim and enough tartrate build-up to mention. Big rich chubby sweet perfume in the nose, swollen and thick, with candied berry and lavish concentration. Possibly the flabbiest Grenache I have had from this producer to date: but tasting will tell.

Ripe and gorgeous in the mouth, and the opulence of the nose is reflected. Jammy and unctuous, acid seems low, while piquant pepper and spice spike the late-middle leading into a welcome bit of tannin–or is that where the acid’s hiding? The heady wilted floral in the bouquet is impossible to ignore as it translates savory flab onto the palate, and while body remains nice and thin, the overt deliciousness of rubenesque smoky icing brings cheering when the briary bitter bite of finish finally hits. A charming wine–sure to be popular–that leaves a bit wanting from this reviewer. It feels alcoholic, but I doubt this label will go much beyond 14-oh. Order it with your Alder-Mathis-Mounts trifecta, and let me know what you think.

2018 THE GRENACHISTA Grenache Noir Mounts Vyd. Dry Creek Valley Sonoma Co. California 14.2

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