Cab is King

Absolutely bereft of any redeeming nuance I associate with quality Cab in the nose. Straight oak syrup, raisin-y and sweet, crammed with thick fake berry and little else. Like eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch in chocolate milk at a breakfast table adorned with last week’s arrangement of lily and jasmine. Actually a bit lighter in the glass than I both expected and now associate with the bouquet–a point in its favor–but I see little else building the score.

Oh god. Then you taste it. It’s not the worst wine you’ve ever had in your life–not even close. The entry a muddled cherry grizzled with chalk in thin abrasion lacking sustaining complexity. Watery in the fore-front and all bitter grease-fire behind, the lack of depth about as obvious as its imbalance. Finish a fruitless testimony to the catchy front label. No amount of air; no amount of age; no amount of creative word-smithing can make a good wine out of this. I can see people drinking this and proclaiming, “What a BRUISER!” but there’s no there there.

2018 SOOS CREEK WINE CELLARS ‘King Cab’ Cabernet Sauvignon McNary Vyd Horse Heaven Hills Columbia Valley Washington 14.1

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