Au Revi

Excited to try these wines, as these Italians–at least on paper–fit my formal expectations of sparkling wine a bit better. I DO enjoy quality Prosecco DOCG and Franciacorta, the former being Glera, of course; the latter having strict Pinot Noir limits. I’ve had a couple random Ferrari’s over the years, but that pretty much is the extent of my experience with Tretodoc. Also, I like these are clearly labeled as brut nature, leaving most of the guesswork out of dosage. Additionally, while the entire package appears to the casual eye in a NV style, the back labels contain clear denotations as to vintage and disgorgement years. I love information with my bubbles!

Fairly vivid straw in the glass, a heady white foam clears to never-ending strands of tiny bubbles from its depths. Rather creamy and thick-fruited in the nose: newsprint and melon over a base-line dominated by earthiness and vegetal. Very lees-y, but not aged–as it was disgorged less than a year ago.

Full and rich in the mouth, the sting of dryness prodding at the almost-rosé-ish concentration of fruit. Grippy and significant throughout, the thickness of the actual wine glowing along a spicy back-drop of acid. Mousse does not shy away from billowing on entry, and continues on well into the green, somewhat-stemmy finish. This is an astonishing bubbly, on par with young Champagnes and the best California can offer.

REVI ‘Millesimato’ Dosaggio Zero CH/PN 75/25 v2016/d2021 Trento DOC 13.0

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