La Amorosa

Enlightening and educational ZOOM today with Asolo Prosecco DOCG and of course had to pop another one of these samples after all that learnin. This is an Extra Dry, and my feeling after tasting is that it bumps up against the top limits of RS for that demarcation. Despite good numbers of Extra Brut and even dosaggio zero, Brut and Extra Dry continue to be the highest production and best-selling prosecco categories. Even as the quality and essence of Glera shine through these quality wines, inarguably: sweetness sells.

Pale–almost clear–yellow in the glass, ready foam dissipates quickly to a solitary ring of bubbles at the rim being slowly fed from below. Sweet, carmelized nose of honey and light floral join clean cellar-floor and substantial citrus green herbal–all in rather rotund silhouette. Jasmine and nutmeg offer pretty notes to the clean, young patina of the wine.

I’m currently at 61° with this glass–FAR warmer than ANYONE would consider–but I want to feel the fruit, although the contribution of heavy dosage manifests proudly at this temperature. Down in the hi-40’s–fresh from the ice-bucket–it IS crisper and tighter, but sensations are dulled. Above 50° it feels more like *wine*–below that it’s all just bubbles and bite. Beautiful rich fruit–peach and pineapple-core and pear-sauce–dwaddle in a Marcona stew spiked with zesty pangs of acid. Foamy sips infuse sugary moments on the tongue through finish, where the acid dries the wine out in welcome fashion.

2020 LA GIOIOSA ‘Millesimato 2020’ Glera Prosecco Asolo DOCG Veneto Italy 17g/l 11.0

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